The Raps You Never Heard #4: “Blind Tiger”

Moving right along, our fourth edition of The Raps You Never Heard features Denton, TX emcee, Digo, who got his start in DFW hip hop with Fab Deuce and then Neighborhood All-Stars. Well he’s gone solo now, releasing his aptly-named debut Rookie Card last summer and decided to bless us here with “Blind Tiger” over “Easy for You to Speak.”

Shout out to Dig on the artwork for this one, too!

Digo – Blind Tiger

* The Raps You Never Heard is a follow-up series of pieces in which artists use works from Juicy the Emissary’s The Beats You Never Had and make something new out of them.


7 thoughts on “The Raps You Never Heard #4: “Blind Tiger”

  1. Jules says:

    D is nuts. That shit is sick. Makes me want to check that solo piece out for sho! Has a real ‘old-school’ feel (not like Pac and Big, or even Rick and Dougie, but like Bonnie and Clyde or Dizzy and Duke!)
    Even though I am a cat man, tigers are too big of pussies even for me. You saw what they did to them gay dudes in Vegas, huh? I think they might have been scared of that pussy though. You can’t bring fear into any situation dealing with pussies. Or vaginas.

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