Sunkenstate – Rock On

If you copped Abracadaver when it dropped a few years ago, then you’re well aware of what wondrous word-wizardry awaits. I present to you “Rock On,” a redux of Dilla’s “Stakes is High” by De La Soul, which samples Ahmad Jamal’s Swahililand, featuring Denver-based artist Sunkenstate. In case you haven’t kept up with Sunk since Abracadaver, go check his EPs with Whygee, Suicide Watch & Sambodextrust, and stay tuned…

RIP J Dilla

Sunkenstate – Rock On


4 thoughts on “Sunkenstate – Rock On

  1. Jules says:

    I think I might have mistaken an old recording of Sunkenstate for a Blaze one back in the day. Maybe a Scribe-Cypher song? I like this one for sure. I never thought Sunkenstate was whack by any means; but I do think this song shows growth from the last I heard from him. (that was years back so it makes sense!) 1

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