Beat Class #4: “Sorry I Can’t Stay”

To the uneducated mind, being from Denton, TX might not sound so glamorous. But to those who know this small town in the northern outskirts of DFW is home to the biggest college of music, which spawned the first jazz studies program in the US, there are many wonders to behold.

One such wonder I encountered in my days at UNT was New Vintage, a group that reminded me of Return to Forever at one moment and D’Angelo the next. Turns out they liked rap too and could reproduce my beats live with uncanny attention to detail when I guested at their shows.

Cultural Refugee’s “Sorry I Can’t Stay” is one of those beats and it samples “Find a Way” from their self-titled EP.

Beat Class #4: Sorry I Can’t Stay


New Vintage – Find a Way


Juicy the Emissary – Sorry I Can’t Stay

I put on for my city.

This concludes our lesson for the day. If you make music in Denton, don’t forget to hit me up so I can start infringing on your copyrights.

*Bonus*: What Denton, TX native has been sampled by A Tribe Called Quest, Beck, and Fatboy Slim?


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