Audible Illusion 11.3.12

This Saturday J&J’s Pizza hosts Audible Illusion, featuring performances by Eversive, an artist who recently relocated to Austin from Corpus Christi, where he continues to operate an event called Sole Glow Collective, and JayLotus, a jazz/bebop and hip hop/electronic artist from Houston, TX who studied Jazz Sax and Electronic Productions & Sound Design at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, along with Denton’s Juicy the Emissary and Shag, who will be celebrating the release of his new project Me Again. Dallas’ DJ Abstrak will be providing choice cuts and turntablism throughout the night.

Scrunch-face beats and lush soundscapes accompanied by curious visuals in a dark, funky basement.

All Ages $5

J&J’s Pizza
118 W Oak St
Denton, TX


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