Upcoming Shows

I have a marathon of shows coming up. Here’s the full schedule in case you think you can keep up with me:

Friday 4/26:
Dangle Dixon at Andy’s


Saturday 4/27:
UNT Faculty Dance Concert Party (secret location)

If you know about this party, you know I’ll be playing only the weirdest cuts that make you wanna dance like a seahorse on bath salts.


Even if you don’t know about the party, you can still go see the Concert at UNT, where you’ll hear several my compositions. They might make you wanna dance too, but as an audience member, you probably shouldn’t:

April 25 & 26 @ 8pm
April 27 @ 7pm
April 28 @ 2pm

More Info

Sunday 4/28:
Home Theater Festival
In the Mix: A Multi-Media Showcase of DFW talents
Moncayo Dr
More Info

ihtf 4.28

Tuesday 4/30:
Los Patos Poderosos at Sweetwater

los patos sweetwater copy

Thursday 5/2:
Los Patos Poderosos at Twilight Tunes

los patos twilight copy

Friday 5/3:
Fab Deuce at Public House


Saturday 5/4:
Cablestock in New Braunfels, TX


Saturday 5/4:
Los Patos Poderosos at Dan’s Silverleaf

And if you’re in Denton (and not New Braunfels) on Saturday, check out Los Patos Poderosos at Dan’s for Cinco de Mayo on Quatro de Mayo. Alas, I won’t be there, but you can have fun without me. I believe in you.

los patos cinco 2 copy

Sunday 5/5:
Fab Deuce and Rec League (taking over Pudge’s set) at Hailey’s


See ya ’round.


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