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The elusive ‘Driving Gloves’ Tapes have mystified music fans for decades.

Named after her trademark white driving gloves, Italian Formula One driver Maria Umiliani commissioned the tapes for her upper Alps training sessions in 1976. The tapes were thought forever lost when Umiliani took off for the day’s last lap and never returned. Many feared the legendary driver had succumbed to the treacherous “Bologna Bluff,” where countless greats had met their rocky fate. But after years of adoring fans searching, Umiliani’s car was never found and the tapes entered into the realm of myth, cementing their status as the holy grail of rare music collectors.

There have been occasional rumors of the tapes re-surfacing through the years, but none have proven true until now. No one knows quite how, but apparently Denton, TX’s “Aural Architect” and rare media enthusiast Juicy the Emissary has unearthed the tapes and will be playing them for all to hear September 9 at Crown & Harp in Dallas.

“It is my honor to share this long-lost piece of history with the world, or at least my favorite bar in Lower Greenville.” – Juicy the Emissary

juc at crown and harp sep 9 2016