the vault sale

Dear friends and colleagues,

I make a lot of beats. Most never escape their solitary beginnings. Some find a home immediately, some eventually. Some sit for years until I happen to rediscover them… or not. “The Vault Sale” is a collection of some of my best stuff from 2007-08 that somehow evaded the public ear.

If you can remember that far back, it’s when Apple launched the iPhone, Britney Spears shaved her head, The Sopranos aired its final episode, which, along with Guitar Hero, catapulted Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” into its new life as the biggest karaoke song ever. Myspace died, all the writers went on strike, Soulja Boy was born, and we elected a black president. For as long as you’ve know the name Sarah Palin, these beats have been sitting, fermenting in the vault.

Aged to perfection, now they can be your’s for just $150 each. Sing, rap, or autotune your armpit farts over them and get famous on daytime TV. Use them for your family vacation video, political campaign ad, yoga class, or school play. Listen to them for hours and decide to quit making beats. The world is yours.

Whatever you do, get to it because this is a limited-time offer.

Juicy the Emissary

vault sale back

Juicy the Emissary is a Composer, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist from Denton, TX. Credits include Dish Nation, Impractical Jokers, Opio (Hieroglyphics), Akil the MC (Jurassic 5), and DJ House Shoes.

  • Exclusive 18 month license
  • Producer retains copyright of original work
  • Not responsible or liable for sample clearance
  • Agreement with terms implicit with purchase

To purchase, send 150 USD to via Paypal HERE and fill out the form below. Be sure and provide the same email associated with your paypal account. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive the beat via email, watermarks removed, within 24 hours.